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Thrown when a record does not match any record definition configured in the mapping file.If the stream layout does not strictly enforce record sequencing, further reads from the input stream are likely to be successful.The following table lists supported field attributes for validation.When a common set of fields is used by multiple record types, configuration may be simplified using templates.A template is a reusable list of components (segments, fields, and properties/constants) that can be included by a record, segment or other template.The following example illustrates some of the ways a template can be used: configurations bound to the bean.By default, all mapping elements inherit their namespace (or lack thereof) from their parent.When a namespace is declared, the local name and namespace must match when unmarshalling XML, and appropriate namespace declarations are included when marshalling bean objects.

A sample input file might look like this: will most likely not be able to recover.

Bean IO supports several common field validation rules when reading an input stream.

All field validation rules are validated against the field text before type conversion.

Because Bean IO is built like a pull parser, it does not support XML validation against a DTD or XML schema.

Where this functionality is needed, it is recommended to make two passes on the input document.

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