Updating a lamp base with paint

The best method will depend on the fabric and color of the original shade, as well as the desired look of the new shade. For a solid color that is darker than the shade’s current color, using fabric dye is a simple option.

Dying the shade works well if the original shade does not have a pattern and is made of a natural fibers, such as a cotton blend that isn’t treated with a plastic-like coating.

Wear gloves and use an old bucket to dye the shade according to the product instructions.

Hang the metal part on a hook over newspaper and let it dry completely.

He told me he was going to start his own blog called Revamp My Lamp.

If you want to update an existing lamp shade, there are a variety of methods to achieve the look you want.

White House Black Shutters totally revamped this floor lamp using spray paint!

And a quick shout out to my banking BFF, Cliff, for the title of this post, Revamp My Lamp.

Back in my office days he revamped his own lamp and brought it up to the office to show me.

It was awesome to be able to afford nice lamps based on design and size and not just if I had enough money.

Over the years I’ve bought a lot of our lamps at thrift stores and they’re still my number-one spot to look for new lamps.

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