Speed dating in edinburgh

Responsibility is also heaped on the heads of audiences in – we are asked to play security services, to try to work out from documents and luggage whether a suspect should be on a terror watch list.Again, the crowd can’t help but get whipped up when – under a tight timer – we have to rifle through a suitcase, looking for clues of terrorist activity.But as an early morning show (10.30am early in Edinburgh), it’s a bit squirmy; when she asks me if I ask too much from relationships, I can’t quite bear to pull my heart out of my mouth.I know I’m not helping the show, but some things are just be too much to share in public – before your first cup of coffee, at any rate.It was when trying to fund an art project at Mo MA that Adam Seymour began working as a masseuse.

, which combines a play with an actual speed-dating session, all set within the cafe at Summerhall.

Julie Cafmeyer certainly opens up first, in a one-woman show where she candidly lays out how desperate she gets in relationships.

She also asks us to join in, questioning the audience about their own expectations of love.

I also volunteer for a card game – more gambling, oh dear –and find that those seven things I love become emblazoned on my seven poker chips, to bet with.

The stakes are high at this party game, and before I know it, with an entire audience watching, I’m tossing down chips reading ‘friends and family’, ‘dancing all night’, ‘theatre’ and – gulp – ‘sex’.

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