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The release date of the initial product, the ground-based component, was updated to the second half of 2002.The staggered release schedule of the space component of the Star Wars Galaxies series was said to benefit players because they would have time to establish their characters and explore different elements of the core game before adding the space layer.SOE would share more information on the game as the beta moved forward.This would include more screen shots, information on match making services, the fact that players would be permitted only one character per server, They also announced on December 20, 2002 that the ground-based component of Star Wars Galaxies would be called An Empire Divided and that the game's online community had grown to over 400,000 users since its original release in November 2000.The base game, titled Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, was released on June 26, 2003 in the United States of America, November 7, 2003 in Europe, December 23, 2004 in Japan, and in 2006 in Australia.The base game was upgraded with three major expansions since.After release, the developers continued working on the features cut during the delay.

and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) to create the first massively multiplayer Star Wars online role-playing game.Star Wars Galaxies did not begin with any sort of over-arching story.Originally, as the original opening crawl states, after character creation, the player started out on an Imperial Star Destroyer after being captured on a passenger ship suspected of illegal activity.After reaching the shuttle bay, the player was allowed to choose a starting planet, then city.The planetary choices were Naboo, Tatooine, or Corellia.

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