Accomodating people with hidden disabilities

“Our culture and society has changed [into] not making it such a stigmatized, secretive thing,” says Michael Condra, who retired in June as director of health and counselling services at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont.

In addition, “the treatments are becoming much better and more effective, which make it more likely that a student will be able to function effectively in the stress and strain of a post-secondary environment.” Ironically, the process of seeking accommodations can actually re-stigmatize students with invisible disabilities.

Remember that you can do the job as well as everyone else even though you are doing it in a different way. She wrote this article in 1988 and it was published in Newsbriefs, the newsletter of Learning Disabilities Association of America and several other publications. Dale is author of five books on disabilities and employment including "Job Hunting Tips for the So-Called Handicapped," which she co-authored with Richard Bolles.

On many occasions, accommodations for people with learning disabilities have been adopted by other people in the office, raising productivity for everyone. She has several other articles about the workplace in the Adults with LD section of this website, including Meeting The Challenge of Conformity and Dyslexia and the Challenge of Using Today's Technology.

It read: “Just as airlines shouldn’t hire blind pilots, the university has no business admitting students with learning disabilities,” recalls Wilchesky.Accommodations should be based on the specific needs of the individual with learning disabilities.Employers can claim that a given accommodation is an undue hardship, and can propose a different one.They must identify their areas of strength and figure out how to get around areas of weakness. JAN consultants have a database of over 200,000 possible accommodations and may be able to give you more ideas once they are familiar with your specific situation.The following can help you determine what kind of accommodations might be useful to overcome difficulties in the workplace: If you need suggestions, call the Job Accommodation Network (JAN), a project of the U. To get you started, here are some typical job problems which cause difficulty for people with learning disabilities.

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