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Sex and Lucia is internationally acclaimed and dives into the world of a writer looking for material and he soon finds it between passionate sex with a stranger and a woman who is in love with him. Hitchcock was a filmmaker in full control of his gifts when he made this crackerjack spy thriller, which starred Grant as an American agent who needs Bergman’s daughter of a Nazi spy to trek down to Brazil and insinuate herself with a band of Hitler’s finest who fled to South America after the war.Of course they fall in love…who the hell wouldn’t fall in love with either of them?Her family eventually encourages the affair so they can pay off their debts.It’s basically Lolita set in Vietnam with a character named Chinaman (it was a different time).It’s better than the “kind of maudlin film in which a girl with cancer has lots of sex with a shallow pharmaceutical salesman” it actually is.

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She convinces her to come back to her hotel room for the night.For our list of the 100 Sexiest Movies Ever Made, we took all that into consideration as we surveyed and ranked the films that continue to titillate.So, as Eating and sex have long been intertwined; they are both among the most sensual experiences one can have.Even though there’s copious amounts of Kidman skin on display, it feels like it’s presented under a microscope.A film filled with lust, romance and two hot Spanish female leads had to be on this list.

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