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Just turn it looseand its hunt-proven features will deliver all the evidence you need to plan your perfect shot - wherever your smartphone is.Advancements include improved nighttime images, high-resolution 14MP images for tack-sharp clarity and working GPS sends daily location updates.

The Italian Rectaflex offered its first production SLR, the series 1000, the same year.

However, SLR is still popular in high-end and professional cameras because they are system cameras with interchangeable parts, allowing customization.

They also have far less shutter lag, allowing photographs to be timed more precisely. SLRs for smaller exposure formats were launched in the 1920s by several camera makers.

Moreover, focusing the lens of a fast reflex camera when it is opened to wider apertures (such as in low light or while using low-speed film) is not easy.

Most SLR cameras permit upright and laterally correct viewing through use of a roof pentaprism situated in the optical path between the reflex mirror and viewfinder.

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