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My approach is a combination of medication management, and individual therapy, frequently augmented with a support group.

I support the team approach, working collaboratively with other therapists or health care professionals.

Although medications are the nature of my profession, I am a minimalist.

I want to get the most 'good' out of medications with the least amount medicine and/or the smallest dose possible.""I, as a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse practitioner, aim to individualize each treatment based on the individual in front of me.

Is there anything more to life than just working, paying your bills, etc.

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I take that meaning as using up to date mental health science, while simultaneously tailoring treatment to who you are genetically, mentally, and emotionally.My practice incorporates spiritual, energetic and meditative therapies as well as traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy, stress management, dreamwork, imagery, and behavior modification.I provide the necessary information to choose a path toward wellness, rather than suppressing symptoms with drugs.The document says the user also sent the officer a picture of a female child in June, but a reverse search of the image revealed that it was a picture pulled from a website.According to the document, the officer was able to identify the suspect as 37-year-old Christopher Lang of Topeka, Kansas.

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