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From my experience whilst they seem to work a tech savvy child can usually find a way to overcome the blocking restrictions and in some cases simply remove the software and render it useless in minutes.Parental controls software in my opinion is simply a waste of time.The rating is way off: I have a 12-year-old, and I would never let her use this app.Following the screenshots below, first, you select from story genres.The titles will give you an indication of what sells best (remember: sex, violence, drug use, and horror).The BARK parental control solution is becoming popular among parents for monitoring how their kids use'll know why and if your child is a teenager simply present them with a knowing smug grin The basic service is FREE and even better you don't have to mess around making sure you install software or change settings on every single computer or laptop in the home - only to find your tech savvy teenager has undone all your handy work.

So when your child asks you why their internet browser displays a page saying THIS SITE HAS BEEN BLOCKED!!Hi Maria Generally I find software to restrict access to the internet more trouble than it's worth.If you need to block internet access on more than one computer or use several accounts on one PC it can become very tiresome and obviously once family members start to use an i Pod touch or Playstation 3 to access the internet your software will be useless.This video is provided by NETGEAR it will give you an overview, they have added the content filtering directly into their routers but you don't have to buy a netgear router to make it work it works on almost any broadband router. I feel this service should be offered FREE as standard by all the UK internet service providers.

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