Quicken not updating deposits

Quicken for Windows®Quicken for Macintosh® Don't have an Access Code? Quicken® 2001-2006 Users Intuit has disabled online services and live technical support for Quicken 2001-2006 users.

Customers will no longer be able to download their Capital One 360 account information into these older versions of Quicken.

I used Quick Books under DOS, and Computer Serve Finance under OS/2.

Even though I took "Home Economics" in school - we were all required to learn how to balance a checkbook - it never made sense to me why I should have to I have.

Users of Quicken 2015, 2016, and 2017 software will receive a product update requiring the creation of a new Quicken ID and password in order to continue to use the software.

This change comes as a result of Quicken's separation from Intuit.

Maybe there's a space in the world for a Personal Finance Manager - a Money Killer or Quicken Killer - written in Adobe Apollo, Flash or Silverlight.

Intuit's Quicken for Windows® and Mac® allow you to download multiple accounts at the same time.

However, for the best performance when downloading account information for the first time, we suggest that you download only one account at a time. You don't have to call us to activate your account, request another Code or mail in an application like you would with many other banks. Go to the following links to view detailed step-by-step instructions on setting up Web Connect and downloading transaction information.

Such sites are not within our control and may not follow the same privacy, security or accessibility standards as ours.

Software instructions included on this site and information referenced on the merchant sites you visit are provided by Intuit.

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