Profile updating failed grindr

And that includes Grindr, which just outlawed a whole slew of profiles with some new PG-rules. The GPS-based meet-hook-look-up app has, because of the App Store’s existing rules, never allowed members to display naked photos in their main profile pictures.

(What transpires in private chat is up to you.) But updated rules go much father.

“At no time did Grindr remove the abusive accounts,” the lawsuit states.

“In response to plaintiff’s detailed pleas, at best Grindr responded with an auto-generated reply stating ‘Thank you for your report.’” Additionally, the lawsuit notes that the plaintiff has filed 14 police reports and petitioned for an order of protection.

The man’s lawyer also sent a cease and desist and preservation letter to Grindr on Jan. As a result of Grindr’s inaction, the plaintiff, who is an aspiring actor, says that photographers are afraid to work with him and he had to drop a sponsorship with a South African touring company.

“Plaintiff is humiliated on a daily basis and afraid to be in public places or at home alone.

In all, the complaint alleges that because of Grindr’s alleged refusal to remove the fake profiles, 400 men have responded to the man.

A New York man says that not only has his ex-boyfriend been setting up fake profiles in the man’s name on Grindr, but that the website failed to respond to dozens of his requests to have these bogus accounts taken down.

The lawsuit [PDF], filed last week in Manhattan Supreme Court, the plaintiff, Matthew, accuses Grindr of negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false advertising, and deceptive business practices for allowing his ex to harass him with the help of multiple fake profiles. 2015 when the plaintiff’s then boyfriend began impersonating the man on Grindr chat with other users.

The 32-year-old tells Wired that he was smoking a cigarette outside his Harlem apartment when a stranger turned up looking for sex.

Herrick hadn’t used the app all week but the man showed him the profile he had been communicating with—it used his name, photos from his Instagram and had shared his address.

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