Lotus notes calendar not updating

Compacting performed by the user will however only be helpful if the quota hasn't been overridden.

If so, white space is created where the e-mails used to be and new e-mails can take their place (or calendar entries etc.).

A recommendation would be to create a program document that executes a compact -b every night for all users mail files.

And once a week a program document that executes compact -B for all users mail files.

When they have deleted 20 or so they believe that they have made a great offert and wonder why there is no difference, why nothing happens...

The key to clean your mailbox efficiently is the 'All Documents' view.

This is a sentence that I often hear of among users of Lotus Notes where I work.

Lotus Notes is the client side of a client - server, collaborative application developed and sold by IBM Software Group.

If you do so, you may get warning messages the next time you try to access or update these entries using the web client.

You can also view external calendars in the Day-At-A-Glance sidebar, adding the external entries so that all calendar entries are shown on your main calendar.

Compact with file size reduction never occurs unless an administrator does it or makes it happend.

Either you can do it when the problem arises for a user or you can set up a program document that does it on a weekly schedule or so.

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