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Eugene Curran Kelly, actor, dancer, director: born Pittsburgh 23 August 1912; married 1941 Betsy Blair (one daughter; marriage dissolved 1957), 1960 Jeanne Coyne (died 1973; one son, one daughter); died Los Angeles 1 February 1996.

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Taking no heed of his girl's warning ("Where I'm standing the sun is shining"), he waves away his taxi and and as he strolls off begins to hum the counter-melody before launching into full song, his euphoria mounting as he leaps on to a lamppost and embraces it, gaily waving to a couple who hurry by with a newspaper over their heads.

The remainder of the film, though far more dance- oriented than most previous musicals, was conventionally studio-bound.

But, as Kelly himself said, "The fact that make-believe sailors got off a real ship in a real dockyard and danced through a real New York was a turning-point in itself." On the Town was followed by Singin' in the Rain, which wears its unrivalled and by now ultra-familiar perfection as lightly as ever.

She died on May 10, 1973 in Los Angeles, California from leukemia, aged 50.

Gene Kelly was married to Betsy Blair, a actress, from 22 September 1941 - 3 April 1957. Although Blair and Kelly divorced in 1957, in interviews and her 2002 autobiography, The Memory of All That, Betsy Blair had only the highest praise for Gene Kelly. Kelly's second wife was his choreographic assistant, Jeanne Coyne. Kelly married his third wife, Patricia Ward, forty years his junior, on July 20, 1990.

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