Deaths from internet dating

Instead of blaming online dating, blame the killer for this heinous act.Online dating didn't put a bullet in the back of Mc Phatter's head.Manning was arrested based on information Goodman provided, who claimed she went along with Manning's wishes out of fear for her life.Prosecutors have refused to offer Manning, who is facing a life sentence, a plea deal.The only role that Internet dating should play in this case is to remind men and women to be safe.

Part of me believes that folks want to find a reason for the senseless murder and online dating satisfies that need.Some have suggested that Mc Phatter would never have come into contact with Manning had it not been for online dating.The two led very different lives and it seems that their paths would not have crossed.Verbally or physically abusive behavior, possessiveness and an obsession with controlling the actions of others are red flags. Always let someone know the identity of your date and where you are headed.The murder trial of Theodore Manning IV falling within a month of domestic violence awareness is poetic indeed.

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