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Regardless of how many father-daughter dances this song is played at, it never fails to pull at everyone’s heartstrings.

Some of my best memories were made with my dad – from playing baseball with him to learning to shoot a gun and drive a car.In this moving song Brad Paisley sings from the perspective of a son who learned to become a man with the help of his step-dad.Toward the beginning of the song Paisley sings, “I met the man I call my dad when I was five years old,” and later in the song, when he is now about to become a father himself, he sings, “Lookin’ through the glass I think about the man / That’s standin’ next to me / And I hope I’m at least half the dad / That he didn’t have to be.” Being a step-father necessitates careful navigation of the parent-child relationship and requires lots of effort, but in this case, the father in the song earned the name “dad”.This is another song about a father who isn’t there with his son, but it is told from the father’s perspective while the son is still young.This sad and beautiful song takes place as a father drives to go see his kids, and in one of the most vulnerable lines of any song on the album Brown sings, “And a part of you might hate me / But, son, please don’t mistake me / For a man that didn’t care at all.” While the effect of not having a father is strong on a child, that effect goes both ways.

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