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Sindzhin was crazy in love and wanted to marry immediately, but his father objected – because Katarina Canning was only the daughter of respectable people, but no more. - Sindzhinu was almost eighteen, she – a year younger when pregnant.Not only does the 808 lean on the physical size of the sensor (specifically 1/1.2-inch), there are also custom algorithms on top of the sensor to adjust the image to reduce imperfections like noise.It's this set of instructions that Nokia terms Pure View, not the sensor size alone.The size of the image sensor is extremely important.In general, the larger the sensor, the larger your pixels, and the larger the pixels, the more light you can collect.Usually, when you use the digital zoom on your phone, you're blowing up and cropping an image to see each pixel up close.

More light (generally) equals less-noisy images and greater dynamic range.

In a matter of months, the high-end smartphone camera spec rocketed from a respectable 8 megapixels to an altitudinous 13.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG Optimus G Pro are the freshest examples of this megapixel push, but even last January's .

To extend the water-and-bucket analogy, the larger the sensor you have (blacktop), the larger the pixels (buckets) you can put onto it, and the more light (water) you can collect.

Larger sensors are the reason that 8 megapixels from a digital SLR camera (or 5 or 13) best those 8 megapixels from a smartphone camera.

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