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Then I stumbled upon Cinflix, which has an overwhelming selection of Japanese movies, and are fairly up-to-date if I might add.

If you have a craving for Asian movies, Cinflix is here to serve you the Asian cuisine.-------------------------------------------------------JALYNN : Cinflix is very cool.

One time shipment, low monthly payments, and if you forget to send a disc from a previous shipment; Cinflix allows you to mail it with the next shipment.

They also have live advisors that help you with problems and you can also call them. Thxs Cinflix -------------------------------------------------------5858rose : This is the best site to feed my asian addiction.

-------------------------------------------------------Elina Lee : I really enjoy Cinflix because of their one time shipment plan.

They also communicate in a timely manner and responses are almost immediate. -------------------------------------------------------WW : I started enjoying Asian movies about 6 years ago.I was a member of Netflix for a few years but their inventory of Asian movies was very limited.I found Cinflix after a google search and I am very happy I did.Although I am not into dramas very much, I am happy with Cinflix's selection of movies.I also enjoy the 18 movies per month plan wherein I have a hugh selection of movies to watch over the entire month, for a little over $l.00 per movie. Also, customer service is very prompt and friendly if you need to communicate with them for any reason. MM-------------------------------------------------------somdave2005 : Cinflix keeps their selections up to date with new movies, which is why I switched from Ehit. I downgraded my netflix plan since netflix doesn't have nearly the Asian movies selection as cinflix.

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