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It is not good for the overall performance of the paintgun either. Full rearward travel is indicated when the back of the bolt is flush with the rear of the body.4. (The bolt should return to the forward position, just as rapidly. PULL back and hold the trigger (to check for proper operating pressure), push on the back of the connecting link to the bolt while holding the trigger back. If it feels right, you are set and ready to go, if not, refer to REGULATOR instructions.7. Remove the barrel plug, disengage safety and HAVE A GOOD TIME!! The operating system regulator is the heart of this automation system.Put safety on and insert a barrel plug into the muzzle.8. This regulator reduces the normally high pressure of CO2 down to a lower pressure (approx.

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Users and observers must wear approved eye and face protection!!!Check Pressure (This is done while holding the trigger back, thus keeping the bolt held back).While the bolt is back, check to see if the rear of the bolt if flush with the rear of the body.OWNERS MANUAL FOR BLAZER, PAINTBALL GUNCongratulations and thank you for purchasing the BLAZER, Paintball shooter.Palmer's Pursuit Shop's latest in a long line of high performance Paintball equipment, the Blazer is precision manufactured with high quality materials and craftsmanship, in order to provide you with years of highly effective service on the Paintball field of play. and go get em.:-) With over thirty years of background in gun-smithing and nearly fifteen years of air-smithing and tourney level play; I believe that we have learned what is needed in a paintgun and how to get it there.

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