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Below are five little-known facts about From the Don’s bulldog jowls, to his hoarse voice and mannerisms, Brando played a large role in crafting the Godfather’s image.It was the actor’s idea to stuff tissues in his cheeks to give the character his famous underbite, and it was his idea to speak in a raspy voice, because he imagined the Don was shot in the throat when he was younger.Pacino and De Niro aren't going anywhere, and certainly not gently. And the story is hackneyed - veteran detectives on the trail of a serial killer who leaves rhyming poetry at the scene of his grisly crimes.That said, you'll also notice that "Righteous Kill" isn't asking either actor to stretch. Aside from the novelty of two acting legends working together, "Righteous Kill" plays like a pumped-up episode of "Law and Order," with the lurid benefits of the "R" rating. He's romantically paired with the gorgeous and much younger Carla Gugino, playing a CSI detective who's aroused by violence and by her lover's Dirty Harry reputation.They retire from grisly crime scenes to have sweaty, urgent encounters - kudos to cinematographer Denis Lenoir for finding a way to photograph these scenes in such a way as to feature Gugino and obscure De Niro. The older man's fatigue at meeting the needs of a younger woman are fodder for crude jokes.Gradually, though, the movie gets darker and asks to be taken more seriously (the CSI gal's taste for rough sex leads to a truly awful scene), and here's where it runs into problems.She’s lived quite a life and she’s worked with tons of people.

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Celebrating the milestone, the film’s director Francis Ford Coppola and members of its cast, including Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton and Talia Shire, will hold a conversation moderated by filmmaker Taylor Hackford after the screenings. That became a way of seeing who I was and what I wanted and feeling disappointed. I don't think many men have that reaction to their faces or bodies. Q: In the book, you ask but don't exactly answer a question: "Is it authentic for me to seek out attention by wearing 'eccentric' clothes with a lifetime of hats? "Righteous Kill" tries to build suspense around the idea that one of the detectives emerges as a suspect in the killings - director Jon Avnet even uses an apparent confession as a framing device, tipping us in the early moments to the culprit's supposed identity (a flashy device that's overused and disrupts the flow of the movie).If we assume this is a misdirection, it's not very difficult to determine where the movie is really going, especially if you pause to chew on the movie's labored chess metaphors.

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